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Party Planning With Potluck Buddies

Party Planning With Potluck Buddies

Here is a short blurb from our “about” page, which sums up our answer to a common question that we receive, “Why did you create Potluck Buddies?”
Managing a social life can be a daunting task. In addition to the drive time to work, the meetings, and then coming home to care for a family, juggling all that life sends our way can be a challenge. Many people feel they don’t have time to even think about planning a party, much less all the preparations of inviting everyone. And let’s not forget cooking all that food or cleaning up after everyone else goes home!  Party planning with Potluck Buddies makes it easier than ever to organize an event.  Now you can focus on what is important; spending time with friends and family.


With Potluck Buddies, party planning puzzlement is put to rest
and having fun is at its best!
No more pickled parties or precarious presentations;
no more great recipes yearning to breathe free!
And will you succeed? Yes, indeed!


Sharing time is so much more important than saving time.  Getting together and sharing meals is intrinsic to human nature since the beginning of history. In essence, potlucks transcend all time, cultures and geographic boundaries. Potlucks expand our understanding and bring communities closer together. All around the world, we are seeing a great resurgence in potluck parties.

Having a potluck is a great platform for any occasion, including family reunions, civic functions, fundraisers and just about any social gathering where hungry tummies may grumble for attention. Join us in the tradition of sharing at

Eat together, laugh together, share the love.

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